Option pricing and risk hedging for Apple


  • Leyu Zou




The Black Sholes Merton (BSM) model is one of the fundamental stochastics models in quantitative finance and the Merton Jump diffusion (MJ) model. This paper examines how BSM, and MJ behave on the European pricing based on 10 options chosen for Apple Inc, with BSM using RRS, SSE, and Historical Volatility, and MJ using SSE as calibration methods. Then delta-neutral hedging strategy is performed using the BSM on the historical data collected from the concessive 10 days. The BSM with RRS and SSE when pricing should be preferred, and the results are similar. The MJ and the BSM using Historical Volatility, however, do not work well when pricing. The delta-neutral hedging strategy is not ideal in this case, since it results in lower profits. The result possesses valuable insights for quantitative finance that calibration methods can significantly influence the accuracy of pricing, and the hedging method can limit the maximum profit.


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