Research on the Online Marketing Strategy of ASOS’s Young Customer Market


  • Xinzhou Huang
  • Xingyu Zhou



ASOS; Internet and e-commerce; Online shopping; Marketing strategy.


In recent years, the rapid development of e-commerce has triggered new shopping demands. With the growth of e-commerce, online shopping has become the main way people choose. ASOS, a world-renowned online shopping brand, has achieved great success in this Internet era and e-commerce. In addition to its advantages of global distribution, wide variety, and low prices, it also uses magazines and various social media to promote the brand and make more people, especially the younger generation, familiar with it. However, as the industry leader, ASOS still has some problems. For example, there is no clothing area for children and the elderly, the target market range is not wide enough, etc. This report will study the background of the big time, the basic situation of ASOS and its marketing methods, and then propose corresponding solutions to the problems. Based on the analysis of the reasons why this brand is successful, then this paper can have a better understanding of studying millennials, online shopping, and e-commerce.


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