Research on the Development Status and Optimization Strategy of TikTok New Media Industry


  • Yuhao Zhou


Development Status; Optimization Strategy; TikTok; New Media Industry


The Internet is a platform that welcomes all users. The little video was developed in a network context, therefore there must be benefits and drawbacks. The Internet craze has led to the creation of a brief video. Although it has a good impact on human society, it also has a bad side. The rise of Tiktok has sped up the development of the new media sector, which benefits businesses by significantly lowering their costs and increasing their exposure and power. The introduction of TikTok affected people's leisure, entertainment, and reading habits as well as their value orientation, created a contemporary Tiktok culture, and had a significant impact on information sharing. In order to better achieve traffic transformation, this also directly engages users, which is unquestionably a wonderful potential for small and medium-sized businesses and brands. Tiktok will also become a major player in the field of product marketing in the future.


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