Research on the Optimization of Street Space in the Old City of Wuhan from the Perspective of "Emotional Design"


  • Ziyi Zhou
  • Xiaoyun Ni



Old Town Street Space; Emotional Design.


As the core of the city, the old town carries the history of the city and people's memories. However, in the past ten years, the focus of urban construction has gradually shifted to the new urban area, the construction of the old town has gradually faded out of people's sight, at the same time, more and more high-rise buildings have risen up, and urban construction has been separated from the local cultural background, which has also caused the status quo of "one side of a thousand cities". Nowadays, people have begun to pursue spiritual needs after satisfying basic material needs, so they have new thinking in urban construction. Taking people's emotional needs as the starting point, combined with the regional characteristics of the old town in China, this paper analyzes, and in view of the existing problems in the street space of the old town in China, the principle of people-oriented and sustainable development is integrated into the space optimization strategy to create an "emotional" public space and stimulate new vitality in the old town.


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