Rational Thinking on the Reform of Super-Ministry System in Colleges and Universities


  • Anyuan Wang


Colleges and Universities; Super-Ministry System; Reform; Collaboration.


The Super-Ministry System has been considered as the main direction of the reform in colleges and universities, but it can not avoid the limitations of traditional solidified organization, most colleges and universities still hold a wait-and-see attitude towards this innovation. The relevant theory and practice need rational thinking, overcome the three limitations of "change and invariance", so as to promote the reform in depth. Firstly, it should overcome the limitation of unstable and unlimited expansion of the functional boundary caused by "changing functions with remaining institutions", then establish dynamic adjustment mechanism and "overload" supervision mechanism for further improvement. Secondly, it should overcome the limitation that academic rights cannot be highlighted due to “changing institutions with remaining power”, fulfill the “addition and subtraction” of power, restructure the system of responsibility with certain adjustment. Thirdly, it should overcome the limitation of "changing environment with remaining institution", which can not meet the new requirements of discipline construction and governance modernization under the support of new platform and new technology.


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