Integration of Industry and Education in Higher Vocational Education under Ecological Metaphor Methodology, Systematic Construction


  • Pengfei Duan
  • Yao Yang
  • Runhua Gong



Ecological Metaphor; Higher Vocational Education; Industry-Education Integration; School-Enterprise Cooperation.


China puts forward higher requirements for vocational education reform, the transformation and development of colleges and universities, and the training of applied talents. This paper to return to the ecological metaphor of higher vocational education fusion system, based on the "analogy source selection-metaphor mapping" metaphor process perspective, tracing the theory of logic starting point, for higher vocational education fusion system components deconstruction and the construction of higher vocational education fusion system.


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Duan, P., Yang, Y., & Gong, R. (2022). Integration of Industry and Education in Higher Vocational Education under Ecological Metaphor Methodology, Systematic Construction. BCP Education & Psychology, 7, 245–250.