Digital Scene Construction of National Parks: Dilemma and Path


  • Pengfei Duan
  • Yao Yang
  • Runhua Gong



Digital Technology; National Park; Protection and Utilization; Scene Construction.


China's national park system has become an important part of the world national park system from pilot to official establishment. Preliminary progress has been made in the scene construction of digital technology, but there is still theoretical discussion and practical application in the construction of national parks, the relationship between digital technology and the protection and utilization of national parks, and the development path of digital national parks. Starting from the dilemma of China's national park system construction, this paper puts forward exploratory research plans for the new development path of national park development, so as to achieve great significance to protect the rich biodiversity of national parks, inherit precious natural resources and excellent human resources, and promote the harmonious coexistence between man and nature.


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