Study of Political Campaign on TikTok


  • Yiming Chen



Politicians; Matt Little; Electoral Campaign; Tiktok; Social Media; Civic Education.


Minnesota State Senate candidate Matt Little uses an app that few other politicians use, TikTok, to try to distinguish himself from other politicians and often devotes a lot of time to "branding" efforts. This article looks at how Matt Little is using this new app that has emerged in recent years - TikTok - to communicate and civilly educate people in a new way. The results of the study show that Matt Little has achieved good results by communicating with young people on their favorite platforms during the campaign, gaining many fans and growing in popularity. It made him turn from an obscure candidate to an internet celebrity. But in the end Matt Little did not win the election, showing that success on TikTok does not automatically translate into political success. This study helps us gain a deeper understanding of the impact of social media on political elections.


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