Motherhood and Feminism: Relationship Through the Lens of the Movie Suffragette


  • Yilin Bai



Feminism; Motherhood; Suffragette; Film.


While there has been an increasing amount of discussion around feminism, the relationship and controversies between motherhood and feminism has been relatively overlooked. Taking on a new perspective of films, this paper explores the relationship between motherhood and feminism through the content analysis of empirical research and the movie Suffragette (2015). Examining theories from feminists such as Adrienne Rich, Shulamith Firestone, and Betty Friedan, this paper includes a supportive relationship, which is motherhood acting as a cause for feminism, a neutral relationship, which is the two being balanced and rather loosely connected, as well as a negative relationship, which is motherhood hindering and oppressing women. This paper concludes that while it is arguable that motherhood can be a hinder towards feminism, there is more evidence both in real-life and in the movie showing a supportive and neutral relationship. Thus, this encourages future researchers and feminists to more actively include motherhood in its activities considering their positive relationship.


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