Media Culture Construction of Short Video on Gender: Analysis on Sports Star Gu Eileen in Tik-Tok during 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics


  • Yaxin Yong



Gu Ailing Eileen; Native; Media; Image.


From the perspective of cultural geography, this paper analyzes the geo cultural rhetoric of female sports star Gu Ailing in the process of self constructing the image of "local people" during the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, and points out that the foundation and focus of shaping the localized media image are all around the creation of "local sense", and independently cater to the media gaze from the four aspects of dynamic language, behavior, static external and identity, At the same time of highlighting the love land complex, the space ballet highlights the cultural elements of Beijing, making the Sino American cross cultural attributes contained in its image blend with each other, and writing a multi identity interlaced and close self-construction way.


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