The Current Situation and Countermeasures of Marxism-Leninist Classic Reading in the Internet Era


  • Yue Huang



College Students' Marxist-Leninist Classic; Reading the Status Quo and Countermeasures Analysis.


With the development of China's economy, social progress, the popularization of the Internet has been an unstoppable trend in the current era. From the original ARPANET to the current World Wide Web, the Internet is moving forward at an unprecedented speed. However, in the complex world of the Internet, we also receive a variety of knowledge, and the quality level of knowledge is also uneven. The Internet not only brings us convenience, but also brings some problems. In the context of online fast food culture, college students' interest in reading paper books is greatly reduced, and they are not very optimistic about the reading status of Marxist-Leninist classics. It is an urgent practical problem worthy of thinking and paying attention to to propose the problems existing in the Internet era, analyze the reading current situation and its influencing factors, and think about the relevant countermeasures. To call on college students to carefully read and study the classics of Marxist-Leninist works, we need to give full play to the joint role of college students themselves, the Internet and universities, and jointly promote the classic reading of Marxist-Leninist works to achieve practical results.


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