Curriculum-based Ideological Elements in Media and Communication English and the Teaching Practice


  • Guifen Tang



Media and Communication English; Ideological Elements; Morality; Learning Autonomy; Good Virtues.


English courses in vocational colleges in China usually last one and a half years. For the first school year, students enhance English skills by continuing to study English for General Purpose (EGP). In the second school year, English for occupational courses are provided to students depending on their disciplines. Media English (MCE) is an English course for Specific Purpose (ESP), offered to second-year students at tertiary level. MCE mainly deals with English knowledge and skills for students majoring in media and probably seeking for a job in the area of media industry. The paper examines the relations between ideological elements and MCE, exploring how the ideological and political elements can be best reflected and delivered in the teaching practice. The paper may become a pilot practice to other ESP courses regarding how to incorporate ideological and political elements into language teaching.


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