Case Analysis and Judicial Solution of False Compliance of A and B Companies in Shanghai


  • Qi Yang


Criminal Compliance; False Compliance; Unit Crime; Judicial Solution.


Since the Supreme People's Procuratorate pushed out the pilot reform of criminal compliance, it has saved a large number of high-tech enterprises and achieved positive results in governance of corporate crime. However, through the analysis of many cases, including the fake compliance cases of A and B companies in Shanghai, it was found that the hidden dangers of illegal and criminal activities of the enterprises involved in the crime had not been eliminated in time, and the court has made a lenient sentence. Based on this, this paper attempts to start from the trial stage and put forward a series of measures, such as strengthening judge-led judicial review, establishing the compliance adjudication rules in the trial stage, and constructing criminal compliance throughout the trial stage, so as to provide a judicial solution for false compliance cases.


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