Study on the Promotion of College Students' Returning Home Development on Rural Revitalization


  • Liang Chen
  • Xiaoming Ding
  • Shi Hu


Rural Revitalization; College Students; Development Dilemma; Coping Strategy.


The key to rural revitalization lies in talents, and innovative college students are an important force to promote agricultural modernization and industrialization, extend the value chain of agricultural products, and enhance rural cultural taste. College students returning to their hometowns to start businesses can not only solve their own employment problems well, but also display their talents, test their learning and temper themselves in grass-roots practice. At the same time, they can help develop rural industries and lead the villagers to get rich. This paper focuses on the significance, problems and strategies of young college students' returning home. On the research subject, we pay more attention to the problem of college students' returning to their hometowns, and think that in the process of national modernization, we should strengthen the mission responsibility of young college students, encourage more young college students to return to their hometowns for employment and entrepreneurship after graduation, contribute their own intelligence and wisdom to the beautiful picture of rural construction, and at the same time enhance their own value.


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