Explore the Password of the Current Real Estate Market


  • Yang Tao
  • Zhixian Guo
  • Zhuowen Shan
  • Mengkai Ye
  • Youqing Xu


Real Estate Market; Real Estate Price; Factors Affecting Real Estate Price.


In recent years, the heat of the real estate market has decreased, and the price of real estate in a few places has declined slightly, mainly due to the effect of the purchase restriction policy and the slowing down of economic growth. Is it difficult to develop the real estate industry in the future? Will the real estate market be depressed for a long time? For example, some people think that the real estate cannot be sold, and the price must be greatly reduced? I believe that the real estate industry will continue to develop. It is only the subjective desire of some people that the long-term price reduction of real estate will not rise. This desire is neither in the interests of the state nor in the interests of society, nor in line with the laws of the socialist market economy. Based on the comprehensive analysis of various factors, China's real estate industry will continue to develop, the real estate market will be more sound, and the real estate price will definitely not fall all the time, and will certainly "rise steadily".


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