Study on the Treatment of Rural Wastewater Discharge under the Target of "Double Carbon"

-- Taking Xiaogang Village in Fengyang County as an Example


  • Tonghan Lin
  • Yifan Zhou
  • Tingyu Zhang
  • Gaoyuan Zhang
  • Jia Liang


Rural Sewage Treatment; Governance Countermeasures; Bicarbon.


Under the dual carbon background, energy scarcity has become a key factor restricting China's economic development. However, in China's rural areas, there are also problems such as the discharge of farmers' domestic sewage and agricultural production wastewater. In order to solve this problem, Xiaogang Village in Fengyang County is taken as an example to study the current situation and methods of local sewage treatment. Through field investigation and existing rural sewage treatment technologies, we find energy treatment methods that are truly suitable for local use, analyze the reasons and influencing factors that hinder rural sewage treatment in Xiaogang Village, and effectively promote it to sewage and wastewater treatment in other villages in China, Put forward targeted countermeasures and suggestions for the future rural sewage treatment in China. This research is of great significance for promoting the research process of rural sewage treatment, realizing the revitalization of rural agricultural economy and promoting the sustainable development of rural areas.


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