Study on English Teaching Reform in Higher Vocational Colleges based on “Flipped Classroom”


  • Yueru Wang
  • Lin Zhao


Flipped Classroom; English Teaching Reform; Higher Vocational Colleges.


The flipped classroom teaching model has sparked heated discussions at home and abroad. This teaching mode is different from the traditional classroom teaching mode, on the one hand, it is conducive to promoting the overall improvement of teachers’ teaching ability and teaching level. On the other hand, it can cultivate students’ initiative in learning, exercise students’ critical thinking ability, and ultimately realize the cultivation of English talents in the higher vocational education stage. Through interviews and questionnaire surveys of Class 3 and Class 4 students of Grade 20 Business English major in Tangshan Maritime Institute, this paper introduces the concept of flipped classroom and compares and analyzes it with the traditional model of higher vocational English teaching in Tangshan Maritime Institute. In view of the advantages and disadvantages of the two, this paper proposes the reform strategy of higher vocational English teaching based on flipped classroom, and puts forward its own insights on future career development.


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