Current Situation and Reform of Talent Training in Colleges and Universities from the Perspective of Big Data Audit


  • Haoyu Wang


Big Data Audit; University; Talent Development; Reform.


The era of big data has had a profound impact on traditional, expectation of audit in the new, era has been further raised to the height of full audit coverage The cross-integration of emerging technologies and audit also puts forward higher requirements for the information technology ability and big data thinking ability of audit talents. The audit teaching work of colleges and universities should also conform to the objective law of the development of the times, improve and adjust teaching methods, and universities responsible for training auditors should also carry out innovation and curriculum teaching reform in the field of education. This paper analyzes the current situation of college talent training from the perspective of big data audit, and puts forward feasible reform measures for the training of college audit talents in the future in order to adapt to the development of the times.


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