Discussion on the Communication of Intangible Cultural Heritage from the Perspective of Light Transmission


  • Runzi Miao
  • Juhong Pan
  • Chuyi Xiao


Intangible Cultural Heritage; Cultural Communication; Heavy Transmission; Light Transmission.


Intangible cultural heritage is a cultural treasure formed by the people of all ethnic groups in the long life, production and practice of our country. It is the imprint of the Chinese nation's civilization and crystallization of wisdom. It has a long history and has lasted until now. However, as a product of agricultural civilization, intangible cultural heritage, although it has already returned to people's vision, still seems incompatible with modern society. The effect of traditional "heavy communication" has been questioned, and digital "light communication" has gradually become the mainstream of society. Based on the current situation of the communication of intangible cultural heritage, this paper puts forward suggestions from three aspects: the main body, the form and the content of the communication, focusing on the key issues such as how to focus on the communication of intangible cultural heritage to light the communication, with a view to providing ideas and reference for the communication of intangible cultural heritage in China.


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