Evaluation of the Effectiveness of FTA Construction between China and Countries Along the Belt and Road


  • Liugu Zhou
  • Ming Li
  • Yuxing Yang
  • Qi Yan


Free Trade Agreements; The Belt and Road; Effectiveness Evaluation.


The FTA is one of the main strategies for the construction of the free trade area and the bridge of our trade union with other economies. China's strategy of expanding the free trade circle focuses on China and radiates to neighboring countries. Therefore, in recent years, China has been stepping up the integration of the "Belt and Road" Initiative and FTA construction, taking the countries along the "Belt and Road" as nodes, and developing China's free trade zones around the countries along the Belt and Road. In the past two decades, China has achieved remarkable results in the construction of FTAs. The number of FTAs has been increasing, especially the number of FTAs with countries along the Belt and Road Initiative. While actively increasing the number of FTAs signed, China also pays attention to improving the quality of FTAs and pursues to sign FTAs with high quality and high standards. However, on the whole, our FTA also has the problem of the big gap between the rule and standard and the latest economic and trade rules of the country. Therefore, we need to actively expand the space of economic and trade cooperation, widen the space of FTA conclusion, draw closer to the high standard economic and trade rules of international crimes, and explore potential trading partners at the same time.


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