Research on the Path of Digital Economy Driving Anhui Manufacturing Industry to the Middle and High end of the Value Chain


  • Kexin Jiang
  • Jing Yan
  • Yuxin Yang
  • Liugu Zhou


Digital Economy; Manufacturing; Value Chain.


Manufacturing industry is an important support for national economic development. In 2020, although the high-quality development index of Anhui's manufacturing industry ranks seventh in the country, there are still problems such as high-end shortage and low-end surplus. At present, the economic situation of various countries in the world is constrained by the epidemic situation, the economic growth has significantly declined, and the trend of deep integration of digital economy and various industries is becoming more and more obvious. Therefore, this project is based on the value chain theory and digital economy theory, with the digital economy as the background, and the manufacturing industry in Anhui Province as the research object, to analyze its development status, explore the mechanism of digital economy enabling the manufacturing industry in Anhui Province to move towards the middle and high end of the value chain, and finally improve the top-level design Breaking through the core technology and building a talent team put forward a reference path for digital economy to empower Anhui manufacturing industry and help its value chain jump, and also provide advice and suggestions for further promoting the high-quality development of Anhui manufacturing industry.


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