Exploration and Practice of Cultivating Multidimensional Design Innovation Ability

-- Taking Product Development and Design Course as an Example


  • Xiaoming Shi
  • Liwei Qiu


Excellent Teaching Case; Product Design; Perspective of Innovative Thinking; Blocks Design.


With the development of society and the improvement of people's living standards, consumers ' demand for cultural and creative products shows a trend of diversification and individualization, and people are becoming more and more picky about the aesthetics of cultural and creative products. Cultural and creative products should not only carry the use function and aesthetic function of the product, but also contain rich connotations of culture and art. Due to the lack of systematic theoretical and practical support, most product designers design a product based on their own experience and inspiration. Such a product is difficult to accurately and efficiently meet consumers' consumption needs . How to let design students use innovative methods to learn design is an important part of educational cultural and creative design methods. Based on the method of innovative design, it analyzes the excellent work , and strives to provide a certain basis and reference for the design education of cultural and creative products .


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