On the Problems and Solutions of Centralized Accounting of Enterprise Financial Accounting


  • Furong Liu
  • Jiafeng Yao
  • Chaoyuan Chang
  • Mengkai Ye
  • Yejun Yang


Enterprise Finance; Centralized Accounting; Problems; Measures.


With the great progress of modern China and the rapid economic progress, the development of enterprises in China is facing greater challenges and opportunities. At present, the enterprise management mode is also constantly reforming and innovating, which is widely used in modern enterprises. Because of its special nature, we must understand the importance of this form of governance in the process of specific corporate governance and take governance measures. This research is based on the current situation of the central financial accounting field and its significance to modern enterprises. Based on the particularity of different departments' management, in order to simplify the processing, it needs to conduct unified audit and management to meet the requirements of audit status.


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