Blended Teaching Reform of College Viewing, Listening& Speaking Course based on SPOC


  • Xia Zhu


SPOC; College Viewing; Listening& Speaking Course; Blended Teaching Reform.


In the new era of information technology, teaching reform integrating new technology is unstoppable. To realize the deep reform of teaching is to integrate the information technology and education at depth. The organic integration of “independent online learning” and “face-to-face teaching classroom” will become a guiding direction for the teaching reform in college education. As the demonstrative project of College Education Reform in Guangzhou Huashang College, the blended teaching mode of College Viewing, Listening& Speaking Course, breaks the limitation of time and space, and the shortage of traditional one-way classroom teaching, by integrating the SPOC course into the blended teaching, so as to realize the organic combination in the promotion of English language and culture and the building of correct values among students.


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