Gold Course Teaching Design of Undergraduate Courses in Education Majors

-- Taking Western Education History Courses as an Example


  • Yin Feng


University; Education Major; Undergraduate Course; Gold Course; Western Education History.


China Ministry of Education proposed the construction of golden courses, which has become the best opportunity to realize the new form of university education and teaching and establish the quality culture of undergraduate courses. The history of western education is a basic course and a core course in the undergraduate courses of education majors in universities. Constructing a golden course in the history of western education helps to improve students awareness of historical thinking and critical thinking ability. The teaching design of the construction of the gold course in the history of western education can be carried out from three aspects: creating a mind map to cultivate divergent thinking; teaching people how to fish and advocating independent learning; exchanges and cooperation to build a learning community. The teaching design of the gold class is of great significance for getting rid of the disadvantages of traditional teaching and cultivating high-quality talents.


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