On the Development of Science and Technology Finance and the Optimization of Regional Industrial Structure in Anhui


  • Yongyan Li


Energy Efficiency; Total Factor Energy Efficiency; Data Envelopment Analysis.


The "double carbon" target that China promised at the UN General Assembly in 2020 puts forward new requirements for the transformation and development of China's energy structure. As an important member of the Yangtze River Delta, Anhui Province lags behind Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai in terms of energy conservation and carbon reduction. Therefore, it is of great significance to measure the energy use efficiency of Anhui Province in recent years and analyze the influencing factors of energy use efficiency. This paper measures the energy use efficiency of Anhui Province through the single factor and data envelopment analysis of the total factor energy efficiency evaluation method. The empirical results show that: in recent years, the energy economic efficiency of Anhui Province is good, and it is necessary to maintain high energy use efficiency. In order to improve energy efficiency, energy conservation and emission reduction in Anhui Province to promote low-carbon projects, this paper puts forward relevant suggestions.


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