A Contrastive Study on English Translation of LI Qingzhao's Shengshengman under the Evaluation Theory attitude System


  • Jiuhua Wang
  • Shude Zhang


Translation; Evaluation Theory; Attitude System; Shengshengman.


Evaluation theory is an extension and development of systematic functional linguistics. The attitude system is the core part, which contains three subsystems: emotion, judgment and appreciation. From the perspective of evaluation theory and the attitude system using evaluation theory, this paper analyzes the realization of the four translations of Li Qingzhao's masterpiece "Shengshengman" at the attitude level, discusses how to realize its evaluation significance through comparison, tries to identify the advantages and disadvantages of translation in relevant processing from this perspective, and brings enlightenment to translation practice through this means, and improves the applicability of evaluation theory in translation research and practice. Therefore, from the perspective of evaluation system, it is concluded that it provides better evaluation standards and a more objective theoretical framework for translation system and practice to express translation.


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