Sports Rehabilitation Base in Natural Environment Helps College Students' Psychological Anxiety

-- Taking Huaiyuan County as an Example


  • Xiang Zhou
  • Zhouhan Wen
  • Lili Zhou
  • Ying Ge
  • Yuhao Yang



College Students' Psychological Anxiety Treatment; Outdoor Natural Environment; Aerobic Exercise.


For the growing number of college students with anxiety, how to help college students control anxiety or cope with anxiety has become the focus of social and mental health research. Through the questionnaire data on college students' anxiety factors and the analysis of the treatment methods for the corresponding symptoms in China, we can learn that there are some drawbacks in the common anxiety symptoms of college students and the existing treatment methods for middle and low levels of psychological anxiety in China. Therefore, based on the results of relevant papers, our team summarized several relevant research on treatment methods, synthesized two more effective treatment methods, put forward the idea of "setting up a base in an outdoor natural environment, and then carrying out aerobic exercise", and established the feasibility of Huaiyuan County's environment through the evaluation of relevant indicators and the field survey of the scheduled treatment sites, It also predicts that aerobic exercise in the base set up in the outdoor natural environment has practical effect on the treatment of psychological anxiety.


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Zhou, X., Wen, Z., Zhou, L., Ge, Y., & Yang, Y. (2022). Sports Rehabilitation Base in Natural Environment Helps College Students’ Psychological Anxiety: -- Taking Huaiyuan County as an Example. Frontiers in Humanities and Social Sciences, 2(11), 390–399.