Analysis of the Performance of New Energy Vehicle Companies based on Entropy-Topsis

-- Take Company A as an Example


  • Jianheng Lin
  • Linsen Qi
  • Meirong Liang
  • Heng Xu



Entropy-topsis Model; New Energy Vehicle Companies; Corporate Performance.


With the introduction of the "double carbon" goal, promoting the green and low-carbon transformation and development of the industry has become the main grasp to help the "double carbon" goal, and traditional car enterprises are shifting to new energy vehicle manufacturing with precision under the new development concept. This paper takes new energy vehicle enterprises as an example, selects their 2018-2021 financial data, constructs a comprehensive evaluation system using entropy-topsis model, evaluates their corporate performance, and makes corresponding suggestions.


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Lin, J., Qi, L., Liang, M., & Xu, H. (2022). Analysis of the Performance of New Energy Vehicle Companies based on Entropy-Topsis: -- Take Company A as an Example. Scientific Journal of Technology, 4(11), 24–29.