Analysis of Pollution Harm and Prevention Methods in Microplastics


  • Risheng Li



Microplastics Pollution; Harm; Prevention and Cure Method.


Pollution in microplastics has become a new focus of current environmental governance and ecological protection. The pollution in microplastics is derived from white pollution. Compared with white pollution, the pollution in microplastics is more harmful to the environment and ecosystem. The main reason is that the particle diameter of microplastics is relatively small, which makes it easier to invade the soil and the sea, and microplastics will release some harmful gases through its own oxidative decomposition, resulting in air pollution. Micro-plastic pollution spreads all over many ecosystems, such as ocean, soil and atmosphere. Through material circulation and food chain, micro-plastic pollution will eventually enter the human body, posing a threat to human health. Based on the harm of pollution in microplastics, it is necessary to take comprehensive measures to curb pollution in microplastics.


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