Analysis of the Little Red Book


  • Yiwen Shi



Little Red Book; Financial Analysis; Social Media.


Competition between different social media platforms becomes more and more fierce. Little Red Book (A China-based social media company) stands out in Chinese market, A country with 989 million Internet users. This paper will focus on analyzing three main reasons for why it would be dominant in the social media field in the future and three suggestions that might contribute to its brighter future. Through analysis, multiple and sustainable business models, well-chosen marketing strategies and a quality user base are the three main reasons. For its future development, three suggestions are highly recommended: to further develop cooperation with other social media companies, to identify customer needs more accurately and to strengthen quality control of commodities on platforms. The analysis and suggestions in this paper could help Little Red Book to further increase its number of users and turnover rate. Another beneficiary is government, who could supervise the operation of e-commerce and live-streaming commerce.


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