Study of sound art in logo design in the context of new media


  • Yawen Wang



New media; Sound art; Logo design.


New media is a form of communication that uses digital technology to provide information and services to users through computer networks, wireless communication networks and other channels. With the rapid development of new media, the form and communication of art design has changed, and logo design has started to develop from the previous two-dimensional to three-dimensional, and incorporated sound art to form sound logos, which belong to a kind of sound trademark, and the types of such sound logos are very extensive, including corporate sound logos, product sound logos, film and television sound logos, etc. This paper mainly focuses on the corporate sound logos in This article focuses on the design of the logo of the enterprise sound logo, and through the analysis and comparison with the traditional logo design, to explore the characteristics of the application of sound art in logo design, as well as the significance of the role of sound art in logo design and the future development trend.


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