Exploration and Research of Campus Culture Construction in the Mission of Value Cultivation


  • Yujie Nie




College Education Environment; Aesthetic Education; Teenagers; Model of Instruction.


The aesthetic education environment in colleges and universities is an important link in quality education. The main content of this paper is how to use the existing resources and environment to meet the purposeful needs of colleges and universities in talent cultivation, and at the same time, to accurately educate college students' desire for knowledge, so as to cultivate knowledge literacy and values. This study involves:1. Teachers play an important guiding role in the process of aesthetic education. Teachers are an extremely important part in the process of aesthetic education, and teachers' knowledge, skills and temperament are important factors in aesthetic education. 2. The existing aesthetic education teaching mode and the learning status of contemporary college students.The educational model, curriculum content and teaching methods are being improved and changed all the time.Various new educational forms such as online courses, micro-courses, flip classes, salons and competitions have already been applied to the teaching practice of colleges and universities, showing new features.At present, art education in colleges and universities has failed to grasp the intrinsic knowledge craving of college students, and applied opinions blindly, but seldom systematically investigated students' needs, resulting in insufficient attention to aesthetic education by college students. 3. Reform and transformation of teaching system and mode. The individualized development of college students requires colleges and universities to provide diversified curriculum contents and forms. How to develop, set up and implement aesthetic education courses with distinctive characteristics is the focus of this section. 4. the assumption of creating a positive educational environment in colleges and universities. The purpose of aesthetic education is to cultivate people by virtue, and how to accomplish its ethical education function in aesthetic experience, aesthetic imagination and aesthetic comprehension, all colleges and universities are exploring and practicing in a targeted way.This study will make a brand-new assumption and design for the educational environment of colleges and universities.


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