Effects of user experience in live marketing on consumer purchase intention


  • Yutong Liu




SOR; user experience; live marketing; consumer trust; purchase intention.


Live-streaming marketing has become an important marketing mode in the online environment and has become one of the important marketing modes for enterprises to obtain sales revenue. This research constructs a research model of user experience and intention of purchase in live-streaming marketing based on SOR theory. Through a questionnaire survey, this paper studies the impact of user experience of live marketing on customer trust and intentions of purchase. This research found a positive relationship between customer trust and consumer purchase intention. The user experience of live marketing has a firsthand impact on consumer’s intention to purchase. In addition, as a mediating variable, customer trust indirectly affects consumers' purchase intention. This research enriches the research in the field of user experience in live-streaming marketing and proposes ways to enhance user experience in live-streaming marketing. It has a certain guiding significance for the development of enterprise live marketing activities.


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