On the protection of farmers' rights and interests as shareholders of contracted land management rights


  • Zitao Lv




The Right to Contract Rural Land; Protection of Farmers' rights and Interests; Profit Distribution; Withdrawal Mechanism


Rural economy occupies an important position in the economic structure of our country. Since reform and opening up, the household distribution system plays a key role in the liberation of rural productive forces and promoting the development of rural economy. In the context of China's rapid economic development, the emergence of the system of rural land contract management rights as a share of limited liability company conforms to the development of The Times, but there are also some problems in the actual application process. The right of contracted land management is the fundamental guarantee for the survival of farmers. How should the rights and interests of farmers be protected when they encounter risks after the ownership of agricultural land? According to China's national conditions, whether the company should tilt the interests of farmers in the distribution of interests and how to protect the rights and interests of farmers when they withdraw their shares? In order to solve the above problems, the author, through consulting literature, from providing farmers with agricultural insurance, improve the profit distribution mechanism and other aspects of the existing problems put forward suggestions.


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