Research on Intelligent Supply Chain Management Mode under the Background of Industry 4.0

--Taking Hong Kong as an Example


  • Xu Liu



Industry 4.0, Intelligent supply chain, Management model.


The production mode in Industry 4.0 era, different from the traditional mode, pays more attention to the use of information technology and intelligent technology, which meets the requirements of intelligent development of product design, technology, manufacturing, inspection and logistics in the whole life cycle in the new era. The current competition has gradually developed into fierce competition between supply chains. In this context, the management mode characterized by traditional and single service can no longer meet the diversified needs of the market. In this regard, taking Hong Kong as an example, this paper studies the intelligent supply chain management mode under the background of Industry 4.0. Li & Fung is the largest export trading company in Hong Kong. Industry 4.0 will inject new vitality into supply chain management and put forward new requirements for supply chain management. Li & Fung Company put forward the product requirements for customers. They started from the draft design, investigated the market, found out suitable raw materials, conceived to produce samples, and planned and controlled the production of the factories with which they had business contacts to ensure quality and timely delivery.


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