Research and Application of Multi-model-based Comprehensive Evaluation and Scale Prediction Algorithm for Eco-Regional Economy


  • Boya Yang
  • Jingyu Huang
  • Haoqiong Hou
  • Xuexue Feng
  • Hui Li



EWM, TOPSIS, Evaluation Model, Eco-Regional Economy.


This paper establishes a mathematical model to analyze the data of Saihanba area, and establishes a prediction and evaluation model to evaluate the ecological zone planning and carbon neutrality. This paper reviewed a large number of literature and screened out 15 factors, then established a factor screening model based on Pearson correlation coefficient, drew a correlation heat map, and then screened out 8 factors to establish a model for evaluating the impact of Sehampa on the ecological environment based on EWM-TOPSIS. Thirty-four major observation points in China are selected for data collection, then the environmental scores of the 34 observation points are calculated based on the 2020 data, and then the scores are visualized as heat maps. Finally, this paper establishes a time-series prediction model to compare and predict China's current carbon stock, with a view to providing some reference for other fields.


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Yang, B., Huang, J., Hou, H., Feng, X., & Li, H. (2023). Research and Application of Multi-model-based Comprehensive Evaluation and Scale Prediction Algorithm for Eco-Regional Economy. BCP Business & Management, 50, 132-140.