Using the accurate data, wages, hitting rate, and stream to determine who is the best basketball player in recent era


  • Hongyi Yang



NBA player; Efficiency; Commercial value.


Basketball, the rising sports, attracts more attentions these days. NBA, the place that include all the top basketball players becomes an influential topic, starting lots of disscusions. For example, people talk about the rules, people talk about the refs, and people talk about who is the best player. With the more and more people, nowadays, are talking about who is the greatest basketball player for the all times, Lebron, Michal, and Kobe are all in the list, since they all have different skills and positions, so it is actually hard to compare. For previous researches, people might talk this in their own feeling. For example, they use the words “ dominant on court” and “defense strength” , these blur words to define the status of a player. There is a clear instance, when people compare MJ with LeBron, popele always said , “MJ has a more dominant performance on final, and no one can guard him.” However, with the data is more accurate, we can use data comparsion to define the level of an basketball players. This way is not only more convincing, but it is also more rational. In this text, comparing three great players in our recent era to decide who can earn an higher state in the history. Clearly, we use efficiency to decide who is a better scorer, stream to decide to decide who has bigger influence, and ability to confine their hit rate to decide their defensive ability. Also, this text conclude the previous research on related topic that can influence the performance for the players, like the injury and the mental health. These stuffs is also significant to the players.In the next paragraghs, these points mentioned previously will be clearly dicussed to find answer who is the best player.


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