Current Situation and Implications of ESG Disclosure of Chinese Enterprises


  • Bin Liu



ESG Disclosure; Dual Carbon; Listed Companies.


In recent years, China's economic and social development under the background of "dual carbon" is undergoing comprehensive green transformation and upgrading. The practice and performance of ESG in China has received extensive attention from all walks of life. In order to comply with the development direction, the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) clearly requires ESG to be included in corporate information disclosure, which puts higher requirements on the management capability of listed companies, and the market has higher expectations for the ESG performance of listed companies. However, at this stage, the ability and enthusiasm of ESG information disclosure of listed companies in China still need to be further improved. This article summarizes the ESG performance and disclosure characteristics of Chinese companies based on the China Bond ESG Evaluation System and the China Bond ESG Database. The results show that the information disclosure of ESG in China has been improved in recent years, but there are still significant differences in the disclosure ratios of each company, the quantitative level of ESG data is still insufficient, and China's corporate ESG disclosure still needs to be further improved. In the future development process, this paper proposes to accelerate the formulation of ESG information disclosure standards in China, guide market players to actively expand the application of ESG assessment, and improve the indicator system of ESG supervision.


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