Research on The Transformation Path of Rural Home Stay in Shandong Province from The Perspective of Actor Network


  • Lijie Han
  • Yuanqi Ma
  • Xiaohai Guo



Rural home stay; actor network; rural revitalization; sustainable development.


Rural revitalization has become an important topic for the next stage of national development, and practical exploration with the practical significance of revitalizing rural tourism has been opened one after another all over the country, among which, all walks of life have paid great attention to the transformation and development of rural lodging in the new period. However, due to the short time and rapid development of rural lodging in China, the development of rural lodging is also facing a series of problems such as homogenization. Based on the actor network theory, this study takes Shandong Province as the research object, and takes the B&B operators as the operation main body to draw a network model of multiple synergies. The rural characteristic cultural resources are united, and the translation process is completed on the sharing economic information platform of acquaintance network and the publicity media such as OTA platform, and each subject profits from each, so as to promote the sustainable development of B & B.


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Han, L., Ma, Y., & Guo, X. (2023). Research on The Transformation Path of Rural Home Stay in Shandong Province from The Perspective of Actor Network. BCP Business & Management, 50, 315-319.