Construction of Curriculum Ideological and Political Model Curriculum based on the Background of Engineering Education Certification


  • Junyan Yang
  • Haibo Liu
  • Shihui You
  • Jianguo Gu



Course Education, Engineering Education Certification, Engineering Materials, Six of One, Patriotism


The professional certification of engineering education is an important educational quality assurance system recognized internationally in the field of engineering education at present. The ideological and political construction of curriculum can cultivate students' craftsman spirit of great country for excellence. Engineering materials and machinery manufacturing is based on the process equipment and control engineering, mechanical engineering, an important professional course, in this paper, combining with the characteristics of curriculum and syllabus, fully excavate ideological elements of curriculum knowledge and build "people-oriented" of "s ix integration” ideological system, implements the concept of engineering education accreditation with course education accurately. This course can stimulate students' patriotism enthusiasm, cultivate students' practical ability and grasp the law of development of things.


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