Research on Orff Music Teaching Model based on the Cultivation of Students' Aesthetic Ability


  • Yanyu Yang



Orff; Music Teaching; Aesthetic Ability.


The core idea of Orff's music education system is localization, original nature and practicality. It is a kind of music that people must participate in, that is, people participate in it not as listeners, but as performers. Its purpose is to stimulate the vitality of every participant. Music education, fundamentally speaking, is the education of artistic aesthetics, not a pure skill training. Aesthetics is a kind of perceptual knowledge and a universal emotional need of human beings. People understand and observe the object world through images in aesthetic activities. In order to cultivate students' aesthetic ability and grasp the main line of aesthetic experience, aesthetic experience must be regarded as the most important value of music education. By studying Orff's music teaching mode based on the cultivation of students' aesthetic ability, this paper explores how to apply effective strategies such as rhythm reading in singing course, trying basic movements in rhythm teaching and using Orff instruments in appreciation class, so that students can integrate into and enjoy music class through various means and effective forms. Excavate students' inner needs and interests, and form musical aesthetic ability.


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