Construction of Teaching and Research Linkage Mechanism for College English Team Building of Military Academies


  • Ye Liang
  • Cuiping Zhang
  • Yuxuan Zhang



Teaching and Research Linkage Mechanism; College English; Team Building; Military Academies.


The division of College English team in military academies is mainly based on the talent training program and the curriculum system. This model has optimized the staff structure, but has little effect on coordinated development of individuals and teams, and cannot enhance the teaching and research innovation. Based on a full investigation into the status and needs of College English team building in military academies, this study aims to frame a teaching and research linkage mechanism, and strives to open up ideas for teaching and research approaches, and further improve teaching efficiency, promote the depth of research, and achieve the parallel development pattern of teaching and research for College English team in military academies.


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Liang, Y., Zhang, C., & Zhang, Y. (2023). Construction of Teaching and Research Linkage Mechanism for College English Team Building of Military Academies. BCP Education & Psychology, 10, 233-236.