Research on Visual-Oriented Design of Children's Environmental Education


  • Huahua Gao



Children; Environmental Education; Visual Orientation; Color; Senses.


In the development of modern social construction, with the continuous improvement of social economy and science and technology, scholars from various countries have gradually realized that human beings produce a large amount of waste every day, and this behavior will gradually lead to serious pollution, which has become a huge global problem. As the target audience of the environment, children can correctly understand waste separation at the stage of educational activities and design objects with environmental education components, which can not only guide children to realize the problem of environmental pollution, but also establish correct life values. Therefore, on the basis of understanding the current situation of children's environmental education, this paper designs and studies the content and effective measures of children's environmental education from the perspective of visual orientation, so as to ensure that children can establish ecological and environmental awareness and independently participate in practical activities such as reducing waste pollution.


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