Exploration and Practice of the Educational Mechanism in College English Courses under the Background of "Great Ideological and Political Thought"


  • Jiahuan Xu




College English; Curriculum-based Political and Virtuous Awareness; Exploration; Practice.


Under the background of "Thought and Politics in Higher Education," foreign language teaching is no longer just subject teaching, but a comprehensive and all-round education throughout the entire development process. As a compulsory course in universities, College English is a fundamental course in applied undergraduate institutions, characterized by a large number of class hours, a wide audience, and significant influence. It also has the characteristics of being humanistic, instrumental, and speculative, playing a crucial role in promoting the development of students' comprehensive abilities. This paper takes College English, a public course in universities, as an example to explore how to integrate ideological and political elements into English teaching, cultivate good values while improving students' knowledge abilities, and achieve the dual integration of English course knowledge and ideological and political education.


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