Experimental Study on Monosyllabic Tones in the Dunhuang Hedong Dialect


  • Yanhua Duan
  • Yonghong Li
  • Li Ma
  • Xianghe Meng




Dunhuang Hedong Dialect, Monosyllabic Tones, Experimental Phonetics, Tone Studies.


This article uses experimental phonetics to study the tones of the Dunhuang Hedong dialect. It analyzes the tone types of the Dunhuang Hedong dialect and discusses the fundamental frequency changes and pitch range of each tone type. The experimental results show that the Dunhuang Hedong dialect has four tone types: the dark level tone (213), the light level tone (24), the rising tone (51), and the departing tone (44). The main purpose of this article is to provide an objective description of the actual situation of monosyllabic tones in the Dunhuang Hedong dialect through detailed and accurate data analysis. It summarizes the tone classes and values of monosyllabic tones and provides a certain reference value for future in-depth studies of the Dunhuang dialect.


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Duan, Y., Li, Y., Ma, L., & Meng, X. (2023). Experimental Study on Monosyllabic Tones in the Dunhuang Hedong Dialect. BCP Education & Psychology, 11, 12-21. https://doi.org/10.54691/pr1tgm58