Case Library Construction of Special and Functional Paper Course


  • Dongmei Yu
  • Chaojun Wu
  • Ronggang Li
  • Xingxiang Ji
  • Yu Liu



ancient Egypt; gender study; image construction; status analysis; goddess reflection.


The construction of case library is the premise and foundation of case teaching, which is an interactive teaching mode different from traditional teaching. Case teaching places students in a specific background and guides students to analyze and solve problems with the knowledge they have learned. The training process through the analysis and discussion of specific case problems to find the final solution is like building a bridge between theory and practice, which has important practical significance for training composite talents and innovative professionals. The theme and number of cases should be able to focus on the main content of the course to achieve the full coverage of the course teaching to arrive knowledge goals, ability goals and quality goals. Case library is the carrier of case teaching, and case teaching can promote the updating and iteration of cases and make the case library developing dynamically, so as to make up for the deficiency of the content of teaching materials lagging behind the development of industry.


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Yu, D., Wu, C., Li, R., Ji, X., & Liu, Y. (2023). Case Library Construction of Special and Functional Paper Course. BCP Education & Psychology, 11, 41-46.