Electronic Technology Teaching Practice Assisted by Information Technology--Taking Counter Design as an Example


  • Dongqiu Xing
  • Lihua Qi
  • Xinwei Gao
  • Jingna Cui




Electronic technology; Virtual simulation; Multisim software; Synchronous counter; Mind mapping software.


The concept of electronic technology courses is abstract and has strong applicability. In response to the problem of weak foundation and learning ability among vocational education students, which leads to poor learning effectiveness in electronic technology courses, information technology methods are introduced to assist in teaching implementation. Using specific cases as carriers, from unit circuit design to fault phenomenon simulation, virtual simulation experiments are visually intuitive and have a thorough understanding; Using mind maps to build a knowledge network, with clear context and doubled efficiency. Within a limited time, students have a deep understanding of a series of theoretical and practical knowledge such as circuit principles, and their learning interest and effectiveness have rapidly improved, achieving good teaching results.


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Xing, D., Qi, L., Gao, X., & Cui, J. (2023). Electronic Technology Teaching Practice Assisted by Information Technology--Taking Counter Design as an Example. BCP Education & Psychology, 11, 110-114. https://doi.org/10.54691/ztch5a13