Research on Interactive Visual Design using programs from the perspective of Service design -- A case study of Yunyu Dunhuang


  • Cuiwei Zhang



Service Design, Tools, Mini Program Development, Intangible Cultural Heritage.


Objective In order to show the particularity of the cultural development of "intangible cultural heritage" under the background of the digital age, to study how to introduce service design thinking to improve user experience, and to explore the sustainable development of "intangible cultural heritage" culture. The main method is to analyze the problem from the perspective of service design. This article takes the mini program of "Traveling in Dunhuang" as an example. Through the thinking analysis of the service design of the entire project, the design process of the mini program is analyzed, the user is deeply investigated, and the service is analyzed and implemented. The design concept, and finally a general conclusion on the application of service design thinking through analysis. Service design is an important means of digital transformation. This also shows that service design thinking can better adapt to the development of the digital age and provide for the inheritance of “intangible cultural heritage”. New ideas and methods.


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Zhang, C. (2023). Research on Interactive Visual Design using programs from the perspective of Service design -- A case study of Yunyu Dunhuang. BCP Education & Psychology, 11, 115-124.