Strategic Training of Cadets' Autonomous English Learning Ability Under the Background of the Transformation and Reshaping of Military Academies


  • Chao Wang



English self-directed learning; Strategy training.


In the process of transformation, military academies are faced with many challenges, such as the reshaping of educational methods, the transformation of training goals, and the optimization of educational resources. At present, in the context of the transformation and reshaping of military academies, the English class time has been greatly reduced, and the time for students to learn English in the classroom has been greatly compressed. Students are facing new challenges and opportunities in the efficiency of listening to English classes and the cultivation of self-learning ability after class. In recent years, with the continuous enrichment of educational means and the deepening of informatization, digitization and intelligence, more and more studies have shown that personalized and independent education models have significant advantages in improving learning efficiency, cultivating students' independent learning and improving innovation ability. The purpose of this paper is to explore the strategies of how to effectively improve students' English self-learning ability in the context of the transformation and remodeling of military academies, in order to provide effective support for students' English learning.


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